Remediaton of an old industrial site in Dartford

Greenfisher Contracting Ltd have been busy down at Crossways, Dartford preparing the site for 3 new logistic units.

The project involves turning the ground over in the external works up to 1.5m deep and removing any obstructions.

The building footprint had to be cleared of all obstructions to allow stone column piling to be carried out.

We have removed several obstructions, but this by far is the largest obstruction with our Site Manager, Richard Oddy demonstrating the the scale of the piece of concrete.

The remediation scheme has involved crushing and screening the concrete and other materials on site that have been retrieved from the scheme to produce 6F2 and Type one to cap and cover the externals.

Crossways will soon be concrete free below ground and the processed materials completing the capping and Type one to the externals.