Threes phases completed in Derbyshire

From the summer of 2022 all the way through to the summer of 2023, Greenfisher Contracting worked in Bolsover, Derbyshire for a key client, in three phases. Earthworks and ground improvement were carried out across sites totalling more than 185,000m2 of development area, containing five large units and associated infrastructure.


Previously a Coalite Stockyard, the site had undergone some remediation in the past, and it was up to Greenfisher to make the ground suitable for supporting the proposed development. Both High Energy Impact Compaction and Soil Stabilisation were used to achieve this, utilised at various stages during the over 100,000m3 of earthworks cut to fill.



Working all the way through the winter of 2022 / 2023, Mother Nature did her best to try to impede progress, but Greenfisher soldiered on in a safe and efficient manner to move the project forwards, thanks to our workforce’s decades of experience in the industry.


We were also able to flex some of our expanded capabilities too, such as crushing and processing hard materials to produce site-won aggregate, and groundworks in the form of the construction of a culvert running beneath a service yard. All in a days work for Greenfisher Contracting!



The continued relationship with and faith shown by a key client across multiple project phases, with a total combined value in excess of £3.5 million, is a testament to Greenfisher Contracting capabilities and experience in the sector.